Explosion-proof lighting / Mining, Emergency lighting etc.

For extreme and explosion-proof circumstances such as mining and emergency lighting, Techone supplies 35~70W digital electronic ballasts with open frame and automatic seamless AC/DC shifting. The ballasts can work with full output 70W at main 220Vac and dimmed output 35W at 12Vdc when emergency happens (blackout).

Techone also supplies battery charging board as an optional item with the ballast, with which the ballast can charge a battery when it works with 220Vac.


Mining lighting requires lighting fixtures and housing cases with small size and sometimes in particular shape for being used in highly flammable and other extreme circumstances. We provide customized ballast design so that the ballast PCB can be fitted and mounted accordingly.
- Optional open-frame design, suitable for customized enclosures
- AC/DC input seamless switchable
- With battery rechargeable function