About Us

Our Culture

 ~Core values and management principles~

1)  Customer comes first

a) Get customers involved, understand customers’ needs, realize customers’ value.

 b)   Gain the trust of customers with high quality products and effective service.

2)  Continuous innovation

a)Innovation of management and technology as foundation of company development.

b)Create an environment of innovation, and bring up stuffs’ idea of innovation.

c)Always keep in mind quality and reliability of products.

d)To be outstanding in all engaged fields.

3)  Team cooperation

a)No perfect individual but perfect team.

b)Mutual respect, mutual support.

c)Harmonious and joyous, pursue improvement.

4)  High-effective implementation

a)Work for solving problems.

b)Do our best, do right things.

c)Fulfill the tasks quickly and satisfactory.

5)  Grow up together

a)Become partners with employees, share the development process of company.

b)Responsibility, dedication and reward.

c)Responsible and effective managed employees are the largest wealth of the company.